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The new PHP7 faster than ever

The new version of PHP, i.e. PHP7, promises to deliver optimized performance of the order of the 100% for the majority of applications.

It has been developed with the aim of improving the speed and efficiency of language, also incorporate other improvements, in particular in relation to the lighter memory usage, thread local storage, a new syntax for embedding the strict typing variables and integration among other abstract syntax tree.

The new version is capable of treating 3 times more transactions Magneto with 30% less memory than PHP 5.6. WordPress is 2 times faster and requires 75% less CPU instruction. Drupal and Laravel son 70% faster. Zend Framework 2 get an improvement of the 95% and SugarCRM exceeds the 110%.

Is expected that the final PHP7 for October of 2015 all programs written in PHP5 and should work without problems in this version.



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